Bubble Shooter Game Collection

BubbleShooter.org.uk is a site dedicated to one of the world’s favorite games. Bubble shooter has taken the world by storm and is a favorite of women and men the world over,and is the most played bubble game.

We have collected all of the best bubbles games on the web and put them on one site for your playing convenience. Have fun popping bubbles, it’s free!

The Bubble Shooter Game - A History of Bubbles

Bubble shooter is one of the most addictive games on the web. Even though, there are many variations of the game, all of them are based on the original game play of Puzzle Bobble. Puzzle Bobble, was originally developed by Taito and published by Sega in 1994. The game combines elements of a shooter, a puzzle game, and an action game. It requires both rapid reflexes and strategic thinking to win. It is fair to say Bubble shooter has taken the Internet by storm, and has millions popping bubbles the world over.